Unconventional Weight Loss

I'm Amy Johnson from To Healthy Weight and I believe that a lot of the diet advice dished out by various media weight loss "gurus" is well meaning but ultimately mis-guided.

If I was to kidnap you, lock you in my garden shed, control the food you ate and also insist you performed the right amount and type of exercise every single day, there is not question that you would attain your ideal weight. If you're currently overweight there would be no excuses along the lines of "I have a slow metabolisom". There would be no cheating or fooling yourself and results would be guaranteed.

However you would hate me. And rightly so. So the question becomes, how can we change people's attitudes, behaviours and expectations so that they naturally and willingly prioritise the activities and menus which will promote a healthy weight?

That is the ten million dollar question. I've been pursuing the answer to that for several years now. Of course the solution is incredibly complex as each one of us is unique. People have a variety of different weight loss goals, and more importantly still different motivations for losing fat. For many it's a question of health. For others vanity is the driving force. But whatever your motivation, the hard part is to bring it forward, to remove the mental blocks which make us procrastinate or give up after only a short time.

You'd logically think that it wouldn't be that difficult to change if, when you look in the mirror your muffin top is lolling over your jeans and you struggle to find anything to wear for a special event. If your fat belly is negatively affecting your sex life - either because your partner finds it a turn off, or physically it's more difficult to accomodate - then that might be a powerful motivating factor for you. But still, in practice, it's hard to make a plan and stick to it.

It's also a case of working with what you have. Back to my illustration about locking someone in my garden shed. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a drink and finds that it help you to relax after a hard day at work, then you're not going to look kindly on me suggesting that you give it up completely in order to lose weight. That's one reason why I won't suggest that!

The following video on losing weight without giving up alcohol gives just one example of my approach to acheiving a healthier weight without giving up everything you enjoy.

For an MP3 version of this video please go to [https://soundcloud.com/tohealthyweight/sets/healthy-weight-loss] or listen here

It's a fact that changing habits is hard. A new lifestyle is an important part of a healthy weight management program and this involves developing new, healthier habits with regard to weight management.

Mental strategies play a big fat role in achieving our desired body shape as well. I am an evangalist for some of the NLP strategies which can be used to break through mental blocks.

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